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For the client who’s 100% ready to go all in & learn how to leverage their image

  • 30 minutes
  • Free Consultation
  • Virtual/In Person

Service Description

The Transformations Package is for clients who are 100% ready to go all in. They're prepared to leverage their personal image to attract new clients, open doors to new opportunities, and stand in a place of leadership, visibility, and public engagement. If that's you, your Transformations Package will be a total guided evolution touching on: - How you view your personal image. - The mindset of how this truly impacts your day-to-day presence. - Your confidence in knowing without a doubt your clothes are sending the right message. - The feelings of comfort, ease and excitement about getting dressed - no matter the occasion. This package begins with the Foundations Package: Style Development The first step in defining your signature style, we’ll be discussing your goals, style personality and ways to polish your look. Color Analysis Taking the mystery out of “Does this color look good on me?!” We’ll use your color analysis to discover the color palette that best harmonizes with your skin tone, personality, and desired image. The analysis wraps up with creating a personalized color swatch to take with you on any shopping occasion. Figure Assessment Looking your absolute best hinges on dressing for your figure type. That includes accentuating your best features and knowing the secrets on how to camouflage properly when desired - all things we’ll be covering in your individualized figure assessment. With the added Transitions Package: Wardrobe Edit With the information from your Style Development, Color Analysis and Figure Assessment on hand, we’ll conduct an in-depth edit of your closet. The goal of the wardrobe edit is to determine which pieces to keep, discard, or tailor to best portray your desired image for any occasion. Personal Shopping Session It’s time to put everything into action as we take it to the stores for try-ons and fittings. Taking your budget into consideration along with all the information gained in the exercises mentioned above, I’ll set out to pre-shop for you, pulling clothing items and accessories. All you’ll need to do is show up and try on! Concluding with the Latrice Monique pièce de résistance: Outfit Creation After our personal shopping session(s), we'll integrate your new pieces with current items in your closet. This combination creates brand new outfit ideas that reflect your newly created signature style.

Contact Details

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