“Latrice is always conscious about the right outfit, colors and style. And more importantly, she has a strategic way to dress you, because she's looking at your overall brand. What is it that you want to share with the world? That is what she helps you do through your clothing..”

Sandra, Business Coach

“After meeting Latrice, I can now dress the part of a world-class decision-maker. In my type of business, looking like you have it together means people trust you more. More importantly, I feel comfortable and confident with the style, suits, and colors she recommended. Five-star service all the way!.”

Eddie, Assistant Director, Strategic Planning

“Before working with Latrice, my style was casual and safe. I never thought out of the box. But I'm more colorful and fun now, putting things together that I never would have thought worked before!”

Ariella, AVP; Operations Project Manager

“I decided to redo my professional photographs for 2020, as it has been a year of evolution and I did recognize that my professional visibility was expanding. I could no longer use the same pics from the last 5 years. I was very hesitant about allowing someone to make choices for my wardrobe, as I consider myself a subject matter expert. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Latrice's process was inviting, non-intimidating and she excelled at making the process about accommodating my preferences both in design and price. I almost didn't believe it to be true. She then sent a virtual look book that allowed me several options and followed up with a consultation call to ease my concerns, on things I didn't agree with or frankly understand. 

 I am so very happy that I allowed the process to work. Not only was the fashion and process well suited, but having Latrice on set with me, allowed me to just focus on the process of being photographed. She is an absolute professional. I am forever convinced that the way she runs her business, is how services should be handled. This was more than worth the investment, and quite honestly, I choose her for future opportunities.  Her demeanor, follow-up, professionalism, and her eye for talent and knowledge of design allowed for my 2020 photoshoot to be something more than I expected!  Thank you to Latrice Monique Consulting!”

— Patricia Robinson, Public Speaker, Educator and Radio HR Exec

“I love the fact Latrice found the exact clothes I needed. I felt extremely comfortable working with her, am much more open- minded about styling, and even better - people love the look!.”

Jean, Founder, Jeanius Music

“I sought out a professional stylist as I was seeking fashionable pieces that were still professional and Latrice definitely accomplished the goal. Every portion of my experience with working with Latrice was amazing. From the selection of clothing that I would never think to put together to the exceptional customer service and support Latrice provided every step of the way. I looked and felt like a boss for my shoot. It was definitely a VIP experience.”

— Ayisha Thompson, Branding Coach

“As someone unfamiliar with color analysis, she was able to articulate how identifying my colors would help me best portray my desired image with flexibility for my moods. Latrice asked for my opinion and took my personal preferences into account as she narrowed down the absolute best profile for me. I enjoyed the experience and recommend Latrice without reservation. I look forward to being a repeat customer.”

— S.Porter, Recruitment Manager




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