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You can’t build a mansion without a strong foundation, and the same goes for your image and brand. The Foundations Package was created to give you a clear understanding of your style and a roadmap to building out your wardrobe and creating signature outfits moving forward. 


The Foundations Package includes:


Brand Discovery

The first step to defining your signature style is identifying your greatness! During this session, we'll discover how you naturally influence and impress. This will set the foundation for creating your magnetic style


Style Development

After discovering your brand, we'll begin to identify your style.  We’ll discuss your goals, style personality, and ways to align your look to your brand so you can walk the walk.


Color Analysis

Taking the mystery out of “Does this color look good on me?!” We’ll use your color analysis to discover the color palette that best harmonizes with your skin tone, personality, and desired image. 


The analysis wraps up with creating a personalized color swatch to take with you on any shopping occasion. 


Figure Assessment

Looking your absolute best hinges on dressing for your figure type. That includes accentuating your best features and knowing the secrets on how to camouflage properly when desired - all things we’ll be covering in your individualized figure assessment. 


When your Foundations Package concludes, you’ll walk away with a new sense of style, boosted self-confidence and knowing your


  • Greatest qualities and strengths that make you influential and impressive

  • Figure Type

  • Style Personality

  • Best colors that look great on you

  • Ways to accentuate your figure

  • Camouflage secrets


Plus take-home tools including:


  • Brand Profile

  • Personalized color palette 

  • Customized Figure Tool 

  • Style-based Mix & Match Tool

Length of program: 1 month, approximately 3 - 5 hours of your personal time

Can this package be completed virtually? Absolutely! We can talk about how a virtual, modified version of this package

works in your free 30-minute consultation. 

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