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Plus Package

Dr. Stacy
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You can’t build a mansion without a strong foundation, and the same goes for your image and brand.

Is this your current situation?

Up to this point, you've managed to get by with your style but you know it doesn't reflect who you are. 

You don't have any real direction on how to dress or your style so you stand in front of your closet never knowing what to wear.

You may have gained weight during the pandemic so your closet is all over the place and filled with boring and plain items. Not to mention, you are still stuck in pandemic wear: leggings, yoga pants, plain t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

You want to start dressing up more but just don't know how or where to start. There are so many trends and new rules for dressing. What to do?!

Whether you are working or socializing remotely or in person, It's time to get a handle on your style and image so you can show up looking and feeling confident and turning heads.

Your style should reflect who you are and what makes you different!

Your style should empower you

Your style should be effortless

Your style should be YOU!!



        Opening your closet and feeling excited to get dressed because it's filled with pieces that flatter your body.

        It doesn't take hours or days to figure out what to wear for work, conferences, and other events because your closet is streamlined and everything goes together.

        Or better yet, you know how to shop for yourself and purchase items that actually deserve to be in your closet. Clothing that you love and will add to your style and brand goals.

Sounds like a dream, right? But it's not! This can be you. Take it from Lisa:









So how do you get to this pot of gold?! It starts with laying out the foundations of your style.



Welcome to Foundations Plus.

The Foundations Plus gives you a clear understanding of your style, brand and a roadmap to building out your signature style and wardrobe.

It's designed to:


            Identify your greatest qualities and strengths


           Help you organize, update, and structure your wardrobe for easy access


           Discover the colors & styles that look great on you


            Help you connect your internal greatness with your external greatness










Heeeey, I'm Latrice  

I help successful women entrepreneurs and professionals

align their style with their brand so they can increase their

influence, impact, and opportunities.

I believe style is a big part of your image because it's the

initial statement maker of who you are and your brand.

It shouldn't be cookie-cutter and it shouldn't be like everyone


My process enables me to understand the root of your image

problem and create and implement a strategic plan to bring

your desired image and brand to life. Using assessments,

personal style enhancements, and brand image development,

I help you create a reimagined style and brand that not only 

sets you up for success but saves you time and money. Unlike

other style and brand consultants, I focus on the greatness

of you!


"Your service has been amazing in helping me improve my confidence and outward appearance. Because of your assistance, I gained confidence and learned so much in terms of color, fabrics, style, and outfits that complement my body. In the past, I would have picked up everything that caught my eye but now, I look at color and fabric first then try it on for look and fit. I’m aware of my style and what is best for my body rather than what’s trendy. Your services have saved me so much time and money." 

                                                                                                                        - Lisa Smith

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Here's What Others Have To Say

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"After the wardrobe edit session, I felt a lot happier and better about the remaining clothes I have. This wardrobe consulting service is a great opportunity to understand image and come out more empowered on the other side. I am steadily replacing fast-fashion or tired items with fewer, higher-quality items. As an extension of the wardrobe edit, I've also been doing a lot of body positivity and gratitude journaling to feel energetic and vibrant rather than focus on weight or pants size. "

                                                                                                    - Vivien Wu

_DSC2363-Edit (4).jpg

"After my wardrobe edit, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe with new looks."

                                                                                                  - Lynne Pagano

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The Foundations Plus Package includes:

Brand Discovery

The first step to defining your signature style is identifying how the world sees you. During this session, we'll discover how you naturally influence and impress. This will set the foundation for creating your magnetic style


Style Identity

After discovering your brand, we'll begin to identify your style. We’ll discuss your style goals, style personality, and ways to align them to your brand so you can walk the walk.


Color Analysis

Taking the mystery out of “Does this color look good on me?!” We’ll use your color analysis to discover the color palette that best harmonizes with your skin tone, personality, and desired image. 


The analysis wraps up with creating a personalized color swatch to take with you on any shopping occasion. 


Figure Assessment

Looking your absolute best hinges on dressing for your figure type. That includes accentuating your best features and knowing the secrets on how to camouflage properly when desired - all things we’ll be covering in your individualized figure assessment. 

Wardrobe Edit

With the information from your Brand Discovery, Style Identity, Color Analysis, and Figure Assessment on hand, we’ll conduct an in-depth edit of your closet. The goal of the wardrobe edit is to determine which pieces to keep, discard, or tailor to best portray your desired image for any occasion. 

When your Foundations Plus Package concludes, you’ll walk away with brand awareness, a new sense of style, boosted self-confidence, and knowing your exact: 


  • Greatest qualities and strengths that make you influential and impressive

  • Figure Type

  • Style Personality

  • Colors that harmonize with your tones 

  • Ways to accentuate your figure

  • Camouflage secrets


Plus take-home tools including:


  • Brand Profile

  • Personalized color palette 

  • Virtual Closet with updated looks

Length of program: 1 month, approximately 8 hours of your personal time



Can this package be completed virtually? Absolutely! Send Latrice an email to discuss at

If you are ready to get a clear understanding of your style and a roadmap to building out your wardrobe click the "I'm Ready" button below to complete the check-out process.

Have other questions? Email Latrice at

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