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Your Private Image Consultant | Serving New York, New Jersey & Virtually


Listen, we’ve all judged a book by its cover. And even though no one really likes to admit it, this snap judgment usually happens the exact second someone walks into a room. 


Hey, my name is Latrice, a certified image consultant and founder of Latrice Monique Consulting. Having spent the past decade in Human Resources, I’ve seen plenty of book covers, in the form of potential new hires, walk through my door. And let me tell you, having the right cover (aka the right outfit) has a tremendous impact on a person's presentation, presence, and the impression they leave behind. 


With a keen eye for knowing what worked and what didn’t for different body types, my passion for style began from a very young age. Starting in HR, I quickly noticed the potential new hires who stood out all had excellent qualificationsand had chosen an outfit that read confident, driven, put together, and trustworthy. It was unmistakable. 


With this wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, combining the two - my passion for style and all the insider knowledge gained as an HR professional - opened the door as an image consultant to serve a greater audience. This audience was standing at a pivotal moment in their life, ready for change and the chance to level-up. 

I created Latrice Monique Consulting to help ambitious go-getters present their best image from the moment they enter a room. Through curating an image that aligns with your branding, goals, and lifestyle, you’re cultivating a signature style that draws in new opportunities and the right clients. 


When you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, you’re more at ease, and so are the people around you … and that’s when the magic starts to happen.  



After meeting Latrice, it is without a doubt what an enormous difference her services have made that I can now dress the part of a world-class decision-maker. In my type of business, looking like you have it together means people trust you more. More importantly, I feel comfortable and confident with the style, suits and colors she recommended. Five-star service all the way!!! 

— Eddie G (Color Analysis and personal shopping)


You only have 7 seconds to make a killer first impression.


It’s easy to let our personal style take a back seat when we’re busy, out hustling and making moves. 

But let’s say you’re giving a big presentation at a conference, and you know tons of industry people will be there. What’s your first reaction? If you’re here reading this, I’m guessing something along the lines of… “I don’t know what to wear!” possibly mixed with a dash of dreaded “Ughh”

How about taking a new client out for drinks, or heading to a networking event hosted by the mentor you’ve been trying to get a meeting with for months? Do you go with whatever worked last time, asking yourself.. “Will they take me seriously in this?” 


And what about when it comes to getting dressed in the morning for a regular workday?  Do you stare into a crowded closet, half asleep, thinking “I don’t have anything to wear.” or “All of my clothes are so boring and plain.” or maybe even “Who cares?? I already have the job, I don’t have to impress anybody.” then start grabbing things to throw something together? 

These thoughts are having a massive impact on how you’re perceived and received in the world. It’s subtle, and it doesn’t stop there. How you dress affects the energy you put out into the world, the way you carry yourself, even whether a person feels like they can trust you. 



Did you know 55% of all first impressions are based on appearance? That means your clothes introduce you the minute you walk into the room.


The question is: What are they saying? 


The right message can help you attract new clients and opportunities. The wrong message can leave you feeling lost, confused about why you didn’t score the client, the promotion, or the speaking gig.

There’s a fine line between sending the right and wrong message with your image, but if: 


  • Your clothes don’t fit properly because they aren’t right for your shape...

  • Your colors and accessories are too much of a distraction...

  • You’re blending into the crowd because you’re keeping it safe and casual, with no real signature style…

You’re probably sending the wrong message. 


Are you sending the wrong message? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation and let’s find out.

These missteps happen every day. (Trust me, I witnessed plenty of them in my time as an HR professional!) But with a few tweaks, they can be easily corrected, drastically changing your wrong message to a right one that says:    


  • I am comfortable and confident … walking into client meetings, interviews, and events.

  • I am ready to step into the spotlight … and be seen as an expert and leader in my industry. 

  • I am at my best ... whether it’s being a world-class decision-maker or the next TEDx Talk Presenter, I’ve got this. 

You may have tried to fix this yourself in the past, or at least, thought, "I should really step up my game." when blankly staring at the pile of clean laundry on your bed waiting to be put away.


Which most likely lead you to multiple Instagram screenshots and all-new style boards on Pinterest. Then on to countless, crowded department stores, to try on piece after piece, only to end your day in frustration that nothing’s really working out.


Cut to a few days later and you've invested a lot of time, and a lot of money, for a closet full of things that maybe, kind of work


And a few months down the road, you're right back in the same clothing conundrum where you first started. 

That sounds dreadfully exhausting. 


But luckily there's a shortcut - a huge time and money-saving, and (thankfully!) abundantly more accurate shortcut. One that leads you straight to showing off your own unique personal style, getting you noticed in all the right ways. 


The shortcut is working with a certified image consultant - a personal trainer for your image, and nonverbal speaking coach dedicated to your clothing choices. 


Because you know exactly who you want to be in your life and your career ... now it’s time to dress the part. 


And remember ... you only have 7 seconds.

Latrice is always conscious about the right outfit, colors and style. And more importantly, she has a strategic way to dress you, because she's looking at your overall brand. What is it that you want to share with the world? That is what she helps you do through your clothing. 

                                                                         - Sandra, Business Coach


We offer bespoke brand and image packages, talks, and workshops based on your needs. Schedule a call to learn more!


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